Private(Personal) import from Finland

Do you have a partner who takes care of your products in Finland? We support to provide service regarding purchase(shopping) to shipment(dispatch) to your place.
Don't you have any trouble or request like this?
  • No shipping outside Finland
  • Language problem(seller does not understand English)
  • Products you bought was defect
  • Want to buy something from finnish auction.
  • Want to buy products from some shops and send them all at once
  • Combine your items properly

Service process

  1. Inform the URL for the products you want to buy
  2. We reply to you with quote or possiblity of buying. Free estimate!
  3. Pay ONLY when you accept our offer.
  4. After confirm your payment, we arrange to purchase(shopping) for you and then to send them to you.

Payment method

Paypal is recommended method.
Another acceptable method is bank transfer as well.
Please burden fee for bank transfer and paypal at your expense.

Your expense

Purchase price(including shipping in Finland) + Our service charge + Shipping fee to your country + expense for paypal
* "Charge 4 euro/ purchase" will be applied at No VAT shopping like auction and trading site
* When value of purchase(not including shipping cost) is under 30 euro, automatically we additionally charge 4 euro as minimum charge when you buy, etc.
* Expense for paypal will be varied by whole cost(Purchase price(including shipping in Finland) + Our charge + Shipping fee to your country)
* Considered that you accept expense for Paypal when you place order.

Our service charge

item price+total shipping cost(euro) %
~130 euro Flat charge 30 euro
130~300 euro 23%
301~500 euro 21%
501~1000 euro 19%
1001 euro~ 17%

Shipping method/cost to your place

Normally we ship through Post office(POSTI). About actual postage, please enquire to us.


We are not able to exchange/return/cancel.
Due to no insured service which we take, we pack carefully but we do not guarantee. But if you need insured service, we strongly recommend EMS. It will be negotiable to refund if we obviously have fault like misorder etc however you have to inform within 3 days when you receive.


  • Because antique items and second-hand goods may be faded, discolored, scratched due to aged deterioration, please acknowledge it before placing an order.
  • Please understand that you have to wait, we handle one by one. Hoever if you prefer to take our priority service, you can tell us in advance, it'll cost 150 euro. The priority service will be applied only the service which we can handle.
  • We can enqunire supplier about product you are interested without extra charge.
  • Our pick-up service is available, pick-up service will be charged. About the detail, please ask.
  • if you are interested in product which we have bid, the bid with highest price will be applied in accordance with general auction rule.
  • In Auction house, if the bid-wanted item overlaps with another customer, it will correspond only to the customer who requested first. Please acknowledge it.
  • We will carefully pack when shipping, this is why we are not acceptable to order specified by weight.
  • You take care of other expanse like custom duty if needed.
  • If you send email directly to our company's mail address, your email might be handled as spam mail on the server side and it may not be able to confirm on our side, therefore please contact us from the inquiry form.
  • Products containing VAT (24% as of 2017) are price including VAT as item price.
  • Due to the taxation system, we'll charge finnish VAT if we ship to EU or EEA countries.
  • Information on this page will be updated without notice and the conditions at the time of application are applied.

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